• Tap into the Future - AI

    SolvEdge help leading insurance companies automate their processes and customer service.

    Eye On

    Empowered Care
    That’s why delivering great customer service across a variety of channels is very expensive, and customer service reps can't always focus on the things that matter.


    of customer requests are repetitive and simple questions

  • Capitalize on Data Analytics

    The ability to extract the right information at the right time holds an immense value.

    Powerful Insights

    Data to Decision
    Analytics is increasingly becoming a game changer for insurers, expanding beyond the traditional focus on risk to all areas of the insurance business.


    of Insurance Executives are prioritizing technology investments to capture new client insights

  • Insuring the Future of Mobility

    Social and mobile technology investments are top priorities for achieving business innovation.

    On the go

    Multichannel Experience
    The mobile apps that support insurance transactions enable customers to do business on-the-fly, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels.


    of insurance CEOs believes technological advances will transform their business."

Advantages of Analytics Lead Business Decisions

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